Consultation Fees

Fees are detemined by the nature of the consultation and are settled at the time of the consultation.

Fees are displayed clearly in each surgery and are different for various types of service:

General consultation€70
Review Visit, within 2 weeks50
Extended appointment 30 Mins€100
Repeat Prescription€20
Letter Request€20
Work Certificate €20
Blood test phlebotomy€40
Blood tests form and results€40
Driver Licence Medical Report€40
24 hour BP monitor€100 Includes interpretation and review visit for result
Ear syringing


Nurse Visit (suture removal)


Nurse Visit (Injections, dressings)


Menopause Consultation

2 visits @€70 each

Mirena/ Kyleena insertion

€160 includes follow up visit 

Mirena/ Kyleena removal


Implanon insertion


Implanon removal€140
Private Cervical Screen test€170
Family Visit, 2 family members same€100
Gardasil (HPV) Vaccine €210 per shot
Chicken Pox Vaccine€90 per shot
Shingrix ( Shingles) Vaccine235 per shot
Hepatitis B Vaccine€50 per shot
Travel VaccinesPrices depend of requirements

It is our policy to take payment over the phone at the time of making an appointment. This has helped us to reduce the time people spend in the reception area which helps with social distancing and infection prevention. Thank you for your cooperation with this. 

If you cannot attend your appointment we would appreciate if you could phone us to cancel it so we can offer the appointment to someone else. Failure to attend an appointment without cancelling it will incur a fee of €30. 

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